Dear Valued Customers,

Nexus has always been an advocate of fair expansion of technology on price economics and cost leadership yet providing the quality services to our customers, however, after carefully analyzing the current economic landscape which is poised with hyper general inflation besides exchange rate instability with consistent upward variation, we are reaching out to you to inform of a necessary tariff increase from 1st Jul, 2022.

Please also be ensured that tariff increase is only driven from the inevitable inflationary factors directly impacting the cost of service and we have made every effort to keep the effect minimum and we might have to unwillingly continue the practice if the economic situation continues in the same pattern.

This tariff increase is directly proportionate to the present inflation indicators, specifically in terms of deflation of PKR against USD @ 31%, Power inflation @ 37% & Fuel @ 66% besides hike in KIBOR by 94%. Not only these factors are limiting our investing activity to expand services for you but is also bringing limit to the business continuity to provide smooth services. All these factors have had a cumulative impact of over 50% on our direct costs to produce services.

Team at Nexus stands committed to offering the services our customers expect while ensuring to minimize the tariff increase by sourcing the best materials, infrastructure, talent and partners at optimized costs.

We appreciate and value this business relation and looking forward to serve you for years to come.

Nexus Technologies




Thursday, June 30, 2022

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