.Gov.PK Domain Name Registration Requirements

Client needs to provide the following details for the processing of the domain name to Nexus:

Name of Signatory:
Organization Name:
Postal Address:
Phone Number:
E-mail Address:

Following procedure needs to be follow for the activation of the domain name:

GOV.PK is used primarily for the Federal Government of Pakistan. For provincial domains, the name space of GOP.PK for Govt. of Punjab, GOS.PK for Sindh, GOB.PK for Baluchistan, GKP.PK for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, GOG for Gilgit Baltistan and GOK.PK for Azad Jammu & Kashmir are used.

In certain circumstances a GOV.PK may be used for a high level Provincial Department, that is unique in the province, if the name of the province is prominent in the domain name (e.g. Punjab-Police.gov.pk, etc).

To avoid inappropriate use of government domain names, the .gov.pk domain names are kept inactive after registration. For activation of the GOV domains, following requirements apply:

    A letter of authorization signed by the Head of the government organization (or properly delegated authority).
    This authorization letter must be on the original official stationary/letterhead (no photocopies or laser printed letterheads).
    A CNIC copy of the authority signing the authorization letter.

Send these documents to the address as under:

PKNIC Collection
435 Tariq Block
Garden Town, Lahore

The domain will be activated upon verification of the received documents.

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