Remotely connect MySQL Database

Allow Remote Connections to Database.

1. Log in to cPanel using Username & Password
1. Navigate to Databases ? Remote MySQL®.
3. Provide the following necessary details,
Host: Enter your static network IP. If you don’t have one, you need to allow connections from all the IPs by putting “%” (wild card) in the Host file. For this article, we will be allowing remote connections from all the IP addresses.
Comment(optional): To remember the entry, you can write the statement.
4. To save the configuration ? Click the “Add Host” button.

1. Download the HeidiSQL application
2. Now click on “+ NEW” for Remote MySQL Connection.
3. Next, select Network Type, Library and provide the required information,
Hostname/IP: Enter the MySQL server IP address or hostname.
User: Enter MySQL username.
Password: Enter a password of your MySQL username.
Port: Enter the Port of MySQL.
Database Name: Enter the MySQL Database name.
4. Now click on Open to initiate a remote connection to the MySQL server.

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