Domain Name Transfer - FAQ

Q) Can I transfer my domain to Nexus Technologies?
A) Yes. You can transfer .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, and all other domains.

Q) Is there any interruption of service to my site during the transfer?
A) Generally no because Name Server information (DNS) is transferred between registrars.

Q) Will the domains expiration date be extended as well in the domain transfer fee?
A) One year will be added to the domains expiration date. There is no additional fee for it, the price of the additional year is included in the transfer price if you are getting the web hosting services from Nexus.

Q) What should I do before I begin transferring my domain name to Nexus Technologies?
A) To ensure a smooth transfer, please complete the following steps:

1) You have to provide us your domain's Authorization code. Please contact your current Registrar to obtain your Authorization code.
2) Make sure the WHOIS information is up-to-date because the Admin contact email will have to confirm the request. If it is not correct then you will need to contact your registrar and update the information.
3) Make sure "registrar lock" is disabled or turned off at your current registrar.
4) Make sure that your domain name is not in "unpaid status" with your current registrar.
5) Make sure that your domain should have 20 days in expiry.

Important: The following are the reasons why your domain transfer may fail.

· Invalid administrative contact email €œ If you have control over the current administrative contact email on the domain as per the global WHOIS database, you will not be able to approve the transfer request. Contact your current registrar and change your domain contact information, make sure that you have control over the administrative contact email. Once the change is effective, contact one of our Customer Service Representatives immediately to have the approval email resend to your new administrative contact email.

· Incorrect Authorization Code - Without the correct Authorization Code, we won't be able to transfer your domain name as it is required by the domain registry. You should contact your current Registrar to obtain your correct Authorization code.

· Locked domain name €œ If your current domain name status is "Registrar Lock "or Transfer Prohibited", it means your domain is prohibited for transfer by your current registrar. You should contact your current registrar and remove the lock as soon as possible. Once your lock is removed, we ask that you contact one of our Customer Service Representatives immediately to help you resubmit the transfer request.

· Expired domain name €œ If you domain name has already expired with your current registrar, a transfer is not allowed at all. You should contact your current registrar and renew your domain for a 1 year period. Once your domain is renewed, we ask that you contact one of our Customer Service Representatives immediately to help you start the transfer procedure. You will not lose the one year extensions with your current registrar since Nexus will extend this period.

Q) Once I pay my transfer invoice is there anything I need to do?
A) Yes, transfers must be confirmed by the admin contact email address. So, look for the confirmation email or notify the admin contact to expect one and how to handle it. Also, a few registrars require their clients to acknowledge a transfer of registrars prior to releasing the name. If the registrant does not provide confirmation to these registrars, the losing registrar will consistently deny the transfer request.

Q) If I transfer my domain to Nexus Technologies will I lose any of the time I already paid my other registrar for?
A) In most cases, you will not lose any of the time you have already paid for. However, you should check with your current registrar to be sure. One known exception is when some registrars will not credit you with the time for which you paid if you move your domain name away from them within 45 days of the domain's renewal with them.

Q) How long does the transfer process take?
A) The entire process takes about 5 to 10 days (depends upon the existing registrar).

Q) What happens if my transfer fails?
A) Just contact us and we will look into the reason let you know, and then resubmit the request and try again. We will also notify through e-mail for the current status of the domain name transfer.

Q) Anything special I must do to transfer my domain?
A) Yes. In order to transfer a domain with the extension, you must also request your current registrar to retag the name.". The process will not complete without this step.

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